About MakTechHub

MAKTECHHUB, is a website that connects entrepreneurs, project owners, idea initiators, developers, and all other freelance workers to the right set of people that needs their services.

 It is created to help catalyze and promote the project execution by various organizations, Development of Individuals, by reducing unemployment, and also enhancing the ease of project execution.

It connects project owners, to competent professionals that can help execute their projects at affordable prices

It consists of a website, and a YouTube channel that features availability of relevant Technology and Business information and innovations.  Uploaded from time to time.


   MAKTECHHUB is an online website, where experts in one project or the other, can have access to opening an account, setting up their profiles, and exhibiting some of the projects they have either done before, or the new ones they can or are about to do, for interested people to see and get in contact with them, owing to the terms and conditions of the websites.

Also, the website provides an avenue for project owners, who needs one project or task to be executed, to indicate their interest in a section on the website, and will be able to get capable hands from the registered project owners/executors, who have a distinct idea about the task they want and can help execute it professionally.

(Execution Process)

The project owners, or executors, after been contacted through the website, have the opportunity of showcasing some of the task he or she has accomplished in pictures and videos.

At the successful completion of every project, both parties enjoy the agreed payment.


  Our YouTube channel (@maktechhub) features series of relevant interviews, information disseminations, awareness and Employment opportunities in the Tech world, from Subject Experts. Leadership and Career development session for women. This channel was created to not only  benefit both the freelancers and project Owners but also lead to the growth and Development of the Society.

    Maktech Hub’s YouTube channel is updated over time with latest IT trends and innovations that portrays relevant subject of discussions and information in the Technology world.